New K Rd Gallery

Hopkinson Cundy is a new contemporary art gallery, located in a historic building near K Road (the George Court Department Store on Cross St, to be exact). Directed by Sarah Hopkinson and Harry Cundy, the gallery opened in November. Both have creative backgrounds: Hopkinson was the gallery manager at Michael Lett for over two years and a founding member of Gambia Castle, and Cundy has performed with bands including the Brunettes and the Ruby Suns - but is soon to graduate with a law degree.

The pair represents a strong stable of young artists through the gallery, including Kate Newby, Nick Austin, Nicholas Mangan, Fiona Connor and Andrew Barber - who currently has new pieces on canvas as part of his exhibition Studies, on at the gallery until January 29.


A Painted Country
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Dick Frizzell: The Painter
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Artists @ Work
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